Steve’s BP

Height: 181 cm
Weight: 77.4 kg
Body mass index (BMI): 23.6
Height to waist ratio: 49.2
Body Fat: 17.3%

Score: 10.9%

Score: 1.4%

All within recommended limits except:

Lymphocytes:  1.07 x10 (27.9%)      (Ideal 1.2 - 3.65)

Down from 1.37 (34.5%) in February 2021.

Every Week
Wednesday: 250ml Red Wine - 3.3 Units
Friday: 2 Pints Beer plus 375ml Red Wine - 11 Units
Saturday: 375ml Red Wine - 5 Units
Sunday: 250ml Red Wine - 3.3 Units

Total 22.6 Units per Week

Every Month
Additional 10-15 Units

Not since 1985.

Vegetarian: 3-4 nights per week.
Chicken and Fish.
No added salt.
Occasional red meat.

Cereal with seeds every morning.

No snacks between meals.

Desserts a couple of times per week, e.g., apple crumble and custard!

9.00am - 6.30pm sedentary job.

Very busy but low stress (business owner, no employees, good income).

Happily married.  Older 'children' taking care of themselves.

No drama!

3 x 1 hour brisk dog walks per week.
1 x 1.5 hour 12K jog/power walk per week.
1 x 1 Hour Tai Chi.

Advanced fitness test powered by Wattbike
Estimated fitness score (VO2 max): 30.7

Weekly: 10-15mg Cialis.

Daily: Fish Oil capsule, Garlic capsule, Glucosamine with Chondritin, Multivitamin.

Both parents suffered TIAs post-75 years old.

My father had a pace-maker and COPD.  Cancer of the bladder that was successfully treated.  He passed away from organ failure caused by chronic kidney disease at 81.

My mother has Vitamin B deficiency and lifestyle related illnesses.