When is Steve’s birthday?

3rd January 1963

Why a 59½ birthday party?

Because January is a crap time to have a party and 60 sounds frigging old! Also, I’m unlikely to do a 69½, 79½, 89½, or 99½ and it’s been too long since I’ve had all my favourite people together.

What time should we get there?

Definitely 6pm. We’re starting early because, unfortunately, we have to finish at 11pm due to noise restrictions. Yup, even though the venue is in the middle of nowhere, there is one neighbour.

What should I wear?

Anything you like from beachwear to black tie, but be aware that the party is planned for outdoors so check what the weather is doing at the venue by clicking here.

FYI, the venue has a courtyard which is a mix of paving and stones, so wearing stiletto shoes means you’ll have to stick to the paths! I’ll be leaving mine at home.

JJAM Courtyard

What happens if it rains?

There is an indoors area, it might be a bit intimate though! If it looks overcast, then maybe bring an umbrella?

What does Steve want for a present?

Thanks for the thought but honestly, your presence is all that is required.

Where can I stay overnight?

We have party-goers already booked in to these establishments

Premier Inn, St. Albans City Centre

Travelodge, Hatfield Central

The advantage of staying at either of the above is that we can get you to and from the venue.

Can I get a lift to the party?

The venue isn’t walking distance to anywhere so we’re coordinating taxi and lift shares wherever possible. There will be a couple of small mini buses doing the rounds and the pick up points are on this map. Pick ups will be between 5.30 and 5.40pm with the returns leaving JJAM Café at 11.15pm

Please, please, let us know if you want seats because the mini bus size will match the number of people expected. If you turn up unexpectedly then there probably won’t be a spare seat! Also, we don’t want to leave anyone behind so even if you’ve already told us that you want a lift, probably safest to tell us again here…

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